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"I'm very picky when it comes to providers and their office staff coming from a healthcare profession. Dr. Willard is very personable and informative about the service he provides...not to mention he did an exceptional job on my procedure in my first ever experience. His assistants did a great job and even kept my lips moisturized (lol! thanks!) My appointment began on time from checkout and the front desk staff exhibited excellent customer service. Thank you all from the front end to the back end for your exceptional service!"

michelle sowels

"If you have an adult member in the family that is nervous around dentists please check out Dr. Gerlach & Dr. Willard. They have a great staff that is so supportive and friendly. My daughter has been going there for years and she doesn't mind her appointments even though she takes a good luck charm when she goes."

irene niemotka

"My family has used Dr. Gerlach and his wonderful staff of professionals since moving to Plano in the late 1990s. They are always personable, friendly, thorough and knowledgeable. Dr. Gerlach is well connected to other professionals such that if a referral is needed, he personally knows the best doctor. Visiting them is like an hour with friends instead of visiting the "dreaded dentist!""

rosalie mayo

"You're not going to find a better, more professional, more knowledgable, friendlier environment anywhere. Drs. Willard and Gerlach are the best in the industry and their staff are fabulous. Highly recommended."

len wilson